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37 Responses to "Reader Submit"

Everybody shouldnt have an Aim (IM)

Im tired of seeing odd shit on Aim. A Nigga Had the Nerve to try to sell me a Muffler and spark plug Smh its Cool if you selling tree or maybe a phone somebody might need but you know gat damn well that you shouldnt be trynna sell yo little sister bamboo earrings just so you can have money for the function. Niggas is Bold in the oh ten sheeeesh

I want to apologize now if I offend anyone but look at the website your on in suppose to tell the truth. Anyway I’m tired of people calling themselves bi. I don’t have anything against gay people I just don’t like when people sugar coat sh*t. This is how I see it if you always got something in your ass and it’s not sh*t your f*cking gay point blank period. If your that female that calls yourself bi but yet you see KandyMan as your competition as far as eating p*ssy you a lesbian. Now if you sitting there wondering “well what is I do both equally?” you’re a greedy, selfish person and you must choose a side your either across the rainbow or far from it sitting on top of th muthaf*cka is not an option.

WOW!!! Who the hell died and left you in charge of judging bi & homosexuals???? I mean, if a dude like to eat pussy and suck dick, is that personally affecting you? Is it preventing you from working? Does it cause heavy traffic early in the morning? HELL NAW. Personally, I’m not offended cuz I LOVE to eat pussy and can suck a mean dick, and I could give a f*ck less who says what about it! Does that make me greedy?- NO, I just don’t discriminate! LOL xoxoxoxo

Ratchet Alert

ratchet ;
press On Nails. neon Leggins or colored skinny`s.
plastic weave wearin ass , meaning that shit does
not move. the wind blowin at 3o MPH and her shit
aint outta place at all . Ratchets will have the same
braids in for 5months and gel down their so-called
“babyy hair”! a ratchet is thaa girl that trys 2 be “known”
everywhere shee goes . Givinn headd && hump`n
every niqqa tht say “ILY” , ratchets are beyond
dehydrated. havin 7oo aim buddies &Only know
15 of `em. Thinks YG _ she a Model is aboutt them
wanna fiqht or tlk shit about every qirl tht lookss
better thenn herr. if she yellin MOE til shee DIE &
she didnt even haave aa dollar 2get in thaa party . . .
Up in the function screamin “I toot my shit” Smh
Thats her theme song??? what u think she is ???
a straught up ratchet. Made a fake myspace of
a bomb ass nigga and started leavin herself all types
of bomb ass comments. Yall go to denny’s after the
function and she say she aint hungry but wanna
eat off everybody plate cus she broke as hell.
2days ago you see her wearin the same fit her homegirl had on and calim she bought the same shit knowin damn well she borrowed it frm her homegirl, ratchets be the main ones callin errybody else a ratchet &swear they dnt borrow shit. see any of these signs ?? she is worked her way up from being a doodoo Mama by borrowing her homegirls shit. If you see any signs of this. watch out! Thaat chick is aa RATCHEtt !! (staay awayyy )

I have a question that I think should be answered in yur blog ckuz maybe im not the only person with this problem:

My partner can’t make mee cum.

He’s my ex bf…I lost my virginity 2 him almost 2 years ago nd he’s the only person that I have sex with..we’ve had sex 23 times nd out of all those times he’s never made mee cum. He even tried 2 eat the pussy but it didn’t feel like anything…I mean my facial expression didn’t even change nd he kept lookin at mee waiting 4 a reaction but it was so wack I jus kept lookin at the ceiling so maybe he’d get the point nd jus stop.
The sex is’nt bad its jus not great….it jus seems like maybe im unpleasable or sumthin. Any tips or advice?

UHHH people are soooooooooo nasty i swear how thee fuck you come up in thee club with ya hands smellin like monkey shit ! wtf was you doin ! when you go to the bathroom and take a shit theres always a fuckin sign that says wash your hands wtf you missed thee fuckin memo or sumthin nigga go somewhere . & its always thee ones that be doin the most movements knowin damn well they smell like booty and cheese .like C’mon son really REALLY?!? they be the only ones wavin they hands in thee air & shit unda armss smellin like wayy back when like wth SOAP + WATER + A TOWEL = YOUR BEST FRIEND ! not to mention bthem maf *ccas whos breath be kickin ass ! i swear they be thee ones yellin nd breathin hard and shit then when you offer some breath mints they say ”Naw Im Good” nigga you aint good you polluting tha air with that shit hole you got in yo face ! then forr thee stinkin ass muthafuccas they always ALWAYS ! ALWAYS! wanna apply some sweet smellin product thinkin thats finna cover up that shiddy smell naww mutha fucca now you smell like ASS,KITTYLITER,&FUCKINFLOWERS naww that dont smell good you got my eyes burnin cause you wanna do thee harlem shake next to me shakin that monkey booty smell right unda my nose #OhDamn !

My fellas just be lying when a girl sucking they dick. Talking about they doing just fine and they know damn well they just trying boost her self-esteem up so she can try better! Please don’t do that because then you have the females that be giving head just to do the shit and don’t like it. Thinking they accomplishing something. Sitting there sucking the dick like the it’s a pop sickle. I’m sorry, its not just going melt in your mouth for you. You have to put work in, you got to want this. Oral sex is like an art you have to honor the beauty of the penis. So you treat it like your Leonardo da Vinci working on a master piece. When my homeboys talk to me about the head they get if they complaining its I blame him somewhat for not saying anything. But then I blame the girl for not asking how he like it. If you scared to ask go watch “superhead” and take some notes because that’s a lesson you’ll benefit from. If your giving head just be known for the best head not the best you could do head. I’m Just Saying!

Foreign Objects in The P*ssy.

Okay, so I’ve heard some pretty freaky stuff about oral sex and what not but this recent one I just got finished listening to is by far the worst and the most twisted.

We all know that standard “ice cube” trick with giving head or eating out. Ya know, you stick the ice cube in your mouth and your dude will be loving you for it cause of how it feels against his man(hood). And yes it does feel good when it’s done to us ladies, BUT I’m not down with all this sticking it in there leaving for a bit and then sending your tounge in to deep see fish for it.


Becasue, sometimes what you stick deep down in there and what you bring back up may not be the same thing. Just read and you’ll see why.

The story goes like this: This girl and her dude were getting steamy and he was fixing to go down on her and before he did he said this to his lady:

Him – “Baby, let me stick some starbursts in you and I’ll eat ’em out”

Her – “What?”

Him – “Please, I promise I’ll get them all out.”

Her – “Okay, but only THREE.”

Him – 😀

So he does his little trick with the starburst and ya know she comes and what not and then she says:

Her – “You get them all out?”

Him – “Yes baby. All three starbursts.”

Her – “Okay.”

Weeeelllll….A day later homegirl is hurting bad downstairs and she decideds to go see her GYNO. So her GYNO starts checking her out down there. After about a couple of minutes her GYNO comes back up with a starburst in her hand:

Her – “Urgh…I knew he put more.”

GYNO – “Um…..”

Her – “I told him to only put three.”

GYNO – “He ate these out of you?”

Her – “Yes and that’s the last time. I can’t believe he put four and only ate three fo them.”

GYNO – “No, what he thought was a third one wasn’t a starburst…..”

Her – “Then what was it?”

GYNO – “What he ate was a herpe sack.”

Her – -___-

Yes, a HERPE SACK. Now I’m not an expert so I didn’t know that shit came in a sack in your snatch. My heart stopped and my jaw dropped when I heard this story.

Fellas, make sure your girl is clean as a whistle before even THINKING about going down to suck the kitty.

And Ladies, don’t ever, EVER, EVERRRRRRR, be like this nasty, ratchet hoe and have herpe sacks, or any other type of STD sack in your cat or else FINGERS won’t even go near your spot.

Hope you all learned a valuable lesson here which is: “Think twice before you dive.”

that is sooo fxckinqq qrossssssssss!lmfao

Thats nasty..
Beyond nasty.
Im Sick Now.

With all respect, I have no problem with big people. Its the extra big girls that like to call themselves “thick” that I have a problem with.
Extra big girl, its not called thick. Its either fat, or big, depending on which term you prefer.
You are not considered thick if…

1.That size 20 is snugging on your thighs and its hard to breath when you sit down.
2. You’re as big as precious and cannot conduct a light jog.
3. You’re trying to take a pic on your iPhone and have to pull the phone back behind you to get yourself in the pic.
4.You see people pushing the button to close the elevator doors to not let you on.

You are not thick extra big girls and if you have a propblem with this statement, call Jenny Craig now.

5 ways to know when your child is to big to be picked up!

why everytime i go to work’ or the store i see some parent picking up they big ass 7 yr old. Come on, i just feel like smacking the shxt out of a parent when i see them do that. and it be the moms most of the time because the dads just walk away. Like this one time when i was on my break, i walked to get a drink from the food court and when i was on my way back this big boy was crying. His mom turned around and said “aww come here” and picked him up. The dad looked mad as hell because she was treating him like a baby. i wanted to say “stop treating that little nigga like he a bxtch, let that lil dude grow up and b a man.” This is what the whole point of learning how to walk is for!! Not for they big ass to be carried around. When children learn how to walk then thats when you start to pick them up less.

5 tips:

1.When you go to pick him/her up and your back almost go out and you make that noise like u picking up a heavy ass wieght.

2.When you put your child in the stroller while yall at the store and they are able to drag they feet on the floor when they want you stop to get either the candy or toy they want. or when they able to unbuckle themselves from the damn stroller.

3.when they able to walk to school with the neighbor and they kids

4.when they able to wake up and make breakfast for themselves.

5.and when they bold enough to talk back to you. that is a hell no in my eyes. thats a open handed slap in the mouth and a beating. wth they thought this was??

They just to damn big!!

Dudes who are 30 yrs old and still wanna live at home with they parents.

what is with these dudes who still wanna live with they parents at thirty yrs of age. Like come on, how you gonna make it anywhere in life if you havent really experienced it. Now don’t get me wrong there are some ladies who still live at home but that is very rare. what happened to the days when ppl use to say “I can’t wait to turn 18, so i can get out.” or “ooo i aint never gonna be home when im grown.” how do yall even get any pussy. DUDES it aint cute when you bring a women home and yall tryna have sex and you telling her to be quiet because you don’t want yo moms to hear. wth is that all about. I aint tryna die just so i can get some dick. Got yo moms knocking on your door like “Tyrone do you got a girl in the room” and you talking about “No mom’ thats just the tv!!” and im talking so low that the crickets is louder than me. Shxt if so it better be that great dick that make me cry because you giving it to me so hard. I mean i know its hard time right now but aint that hard if your ass is on the right track. I rather date a dude who is atleast moved out already or planning to move out very soon. Its not sexy to live like the “STEPBROTHERS”. still acting like you 10 yrs old and shxt. and competing with young ass dudes over every little thing…what a shame…get it together…and ladies if yall living like this then its 4 you 2…

Title: Damn can`t you take a hint .?!

Don`t you just hate a person that doesn`t catch hints .? I mean they try their hardest to be w| you or around you , but you don`t wanna come out &`d flat out say NO .? You do everything in your power to say everything except no in the nicest ways possible but the shit NEVER WORKS . They ask you to kick it w| them or to do something w| them &`d you tell `em you`re busy &`d they hit you w| the ” well what about after you`re doing that ” . Like wtf my nigga are you slow .?! You don`t comprehend . Damn you make me wanna hit yo` stupid ass w| a bag ov bricks . Everyone can relate to it though . Ladies i know you`ve been somewhere &`d a guy has tried to talk to you &`d you try to give hints but his ass just don`t get it . You done told this fool that you`re pregnant , got a bd &`d a boyfriend ( that`s 2 diff niggas ] , your boyfriend is abusive &`d all types ov shit &`d he still hits you w| the ” well can i still call you ” WTF no .! Just take the hints i`m givin yo` punk ass &`d get on before i have to ctfu .

Name : tyka
Email :

No Homo
Retire the phrase. Be confident in your sexuality.

I am soooo sick and tired of the phrase, “no homo”. What exactly is the point of it?

It’s RETARDED. It doesn’t make any sense, and I wish all you ignorant people would stop saying it. I swear I thought it was only 14 year old teenie boppers who said it, until I heard Camron (the super “suspect” rapper) continue to say it after EVERY sentence fragment he stated. It was mad annoying!

I feel like if you are confident in your sexuality, and you’re soooo straight, why do you have to say “No Homo” every time you compliment someone of the same sex? Just say what you need to say, and keep it moving. When you say it, it almost makes you look extra guilty. Kind of like a grown man telling a little girl, “I like your dress”, “No Chomo”! What?? Why would you say that? It makes it suspect, right?

Just let it go people, and stop the madness. For now on out, every time someone says, No Homo, I’m totally going to think, SO HOMO!

Stop it!

Random Funnies !
Seven wise men made up their minds
to build them a pussy of their own design
The first was a carpenter, full of wit
With a hammer and chisel he made the slit,
The second a blacksmith, black as coal,
With anvil and sledge he made the hole,
The third a tailor, tall and slim
with a peace of red ribbon he lined it within
The forth a furrier, big and stout
with the skin of a bear he lined in without,
The fifth a fisherman old and bent
with a rotten herring he gave it the scent
The sixth a teacher with a degree
He patted and felt it and said it would pee
The seventh a rabbi, a mean little runt
He fucked it, and blessed it and called it a cunt.

crackheads gone wild 😦

hahahha this is goin to be posted

“Big bird’s long lost cousin from compton”

“bestfriends do everything together”

since pics seem to be popular .
I havee onee that I feel you guys
could have a real/ funny ass blog about .


Title: you know that shit way too small.. so why i have to see all these fat b*tches wearing these clothes thats way too small. my friend and i are at forever 21 like she’s shopping to buy a new shirt am im just thinking to myself damn if she buys another shirt from here she’s gonna bust the seams so she just kept shopping i look out the front window of the store and torrid is in my view so i start dropping hints aye girl torrid right across the hall i heard they got some cute sh*t in there this girl goes oh no torrid is for fat people im just thinking *HELLO B*TCH YOU ARE FAT!* so i say oh okay she continues shopping in the store and she goes to try the shirt on go to the dressing room she tries it on comes out and goes girl this shirt is tight i think they running small now but it look cute!she walk away and was hunched over because the shirt was so tight i heard the shirt bursting like popping and cracking. she pays i get her ass in torrid she tries on the biggest size and its too small i was done as cont.

chain letters/texts; gtfoh!
is it just me or do it seem like yu be gettin them retarded ol “send this to the ppl yu love; hope i get one back!” messages way too often? like damn. yu my girl/dude & all but really?! stop sendin me that b.s. ! some ppl dont got unlimited text. or yu open a facebook message all happy like: damn they finally wrote back! only to see its one of em annoying sh*ts again. so basically there’s 3 kinds of messages that rlly be gettin to me.
type 1: scary.
these piss me off the most. yu open it & read “haha muf*ka yu opened it so yu gotta keep reading! or yu’ll die” tf? but yu go on and theres always the lil story talkin bout so-and-so gone come find & murder yu if yu dont send to 200 ppl. and yu be like naw thats fake. but theres always that little doubt in yo mind like damn wut if that was real? trust me, none of that is real.
type 2: love.
these make us kinda guilty. always saying “if im yo real homie yu’ll send it back!” or “send to all ppl yu care bout including me if yu care bout me” & the first few times yu be like damn i aint tryna hurt they feelings, ima do it. but then it jus gets annoying af. how many times i gotta prove that sh*t?! yu shud know by now! can we say IGNORE?
type 3: make a wish.
if this aint the fakest sh*t idk wut is. talkin bout: “think yer crush’s name rlly hard, scroll thru the row of lil stars, find the ‘n’ in between all the ‘m’s & when yu do wish for sumthin! it will rlly happen! but yu have to send to everyone yu know or else yu’ll have 500 years of bad luck!” and theres always the lil “proof” stories. b*tch pls. the whole sh*ts faker than tila tequila. & girl yu are ugly. lil homeboy aint gone fall in love wit yu even if yu send that to everybody and they momma.
my advice: ignore it all! aint worth your time. unless yu enjoy this crap. in which case im prayin for yu smh.

Kids with Cell phones?

Wat the hell is up wit these lil ass kids walkin around with cell phones? First of all who are you talkin to & wat are you talkin about? “Yeah did you see Keisha at recess? I know she in the special class but she gotta big ol booty.” Smh it don’t work like that. There is no reason my 10 yr old cousin should be texting me talkin about “What is up cousin?” I reply Nothin chillin, wsup wit u? & this nigga has the audacity to correct my spelling! Nigga I taught you how to read! You just got unhooked on phonics 6 months ago now you wanna walk around correctin peoples grammer & shit. Lil niggas walkin around wit a phone bigger than they are lookin like they came straight outta 1980’s flick, then got the nerve to have the phone case hangin off they belt & that’s pullin they pants down with every step. Parents plz stop givin yo lil ass kids cell phones, @ least let em hit puberty 1st.

Girlz who Call Numbers Back

Girls who go through they mans phone and call every number back are thirsty. I can’t stand when bitches do that shit. I had a friend that used to do that shit all the time. She would check her mans phone for any new females number and take the time out her day to call them back. If the unsuspecting girl did not answer she would leave a damn message, “uh I don’t know who you are but I found your number in Ray Ray phone and im just letting you know that he gotta girlfriend. So don’t call him anymore.” LoL…pause..sigh..bitch wtf are you talking about…Don’t nobody want that negro, and neither should you. If you feel that you have to call and text every number in your mans phone then you shouldn’t be with “Ray Ray”. If there’s no trust then you shouldn’t be with him. He evidently don’t give a rats ass about you if he talking to other females anyway. I’ll be damned if I call a chick back. Fuck that! I even had a girl call my phone one time. Talking about “Miss, you don’t know me but im Deshawns girl. I found your number in his phone and I just want you to tell me if you guys are messing around. Give me a call back…pause!…wtf…dropzdead LOL….By the way Deshawn is my cousin.

This is so funny but true…LOL…i waz dying the whole time…RAY RAY LOL

BARBIES … okay let me tell you 2010 started off with a big bang & suddenly everyone wants to be a barbie & its all way the ugly fat b*tches or the tall fake ugg wearing social outcasts calling their selfs a barbie .. just because you see one beautiful female calling their self a barbie , dont mean your one like #SITCHOASSDOWN ! And Its nicki’s fault tricking these hoes into thinking they are beauttiful even though they really not .. these bitchesa re trying to give their self a confidence boost .. harajuku barbie my ass how about “i wear three different color weaves and i cant afford a real pair of uggs barbie”

okay soo whats up with these 30 year old men dating little girls?ITS ILLEGAL FOR A REASON!like nigga you have a daughter & 2 sons her age??are u kidding?im not gunna lie but yeah im young & i date older guys.correction:i used to.everyone told me thats disgusting hes a pervert & a creep,hes desperate & my answer was like nooo im juss really mature..truth is yea im mature but im still youngg & nigga is 24?like realllly?how stupid am i?every guy over 18 that i somewhat have a relationship with or talked to or not erased out of my phoneee.truee story: this guy told me he was like 18..soo i was like yeah whateverrr thats cool.sooo after we had sex i found out from my friend…nigga is really like 27???likeee wtf? desperate can you beee?YOURE A GUY!!!!YOU DONT LIE ABOUT YOUR AGEE!ECSPECIALLY IF THE GIRL IS UNDERAGE!!!!!jusst putting it out theree.for all the girls reading:dont be a dumbass like i was!

Keep Your Mouth Closed

Everybody knows some people broadcast their sex life all over the internet and if your a hoe it get’s broadcasted even with out your knowledge. But science class in school is not the place to let your business be known.

Teacher: Semen is mostly sugar.

Female student: But why doesn’t it taste like sugar.

Teacher: Because your sugar taste buds are at the tip of your toung and not the back of your throat.

Not only did you just put your business out but you got shamed by the teacher. So before you put your business out or swallow something that you don’t know what it is lol keep your mouth closed.

Subject : Dumb Bitch Disorder

iThink it’s about time that females in America are informed about the latest outbreak of DBD (Dumb Bitch Disorder). This disorder comes from the lack of common sense a bitch has a man does something to her. Symptoms of DBD are :

1.) The Kisss

Okay, so a dude you know has 30+ jumpoffs wants you to fuck him. You wasn’t letting that happen so when he finally lays that Cloud 9 Kiss on you, youre open like a door. Now you callin this nigga, he’s not pickin up. Your’e aimin him and he not writin back and tweetin him. now hes full on ignoring you. If you have experienced this then you are suffering from DBD.

2.) The Neckk

You just got your little internet boyfriend to come meet you (teenagers do this shit). He meets up wit you kisses you and talks all this sweet shit in your ear. You fuck him and now he wants you to give him head. You do now its time for him to go back to wherever the fuck he came from and you try to kiss him. This nigga TURNS HIS HEAD AWAY. This is the first and last time you will see that nigga. If you have experienced this then you are suffering from EDBD ( Extreme Dumb Bitch Disorder) SMH. Why you fuckin strangers? -____-

3.) The Lesbiann

This is the point where your’e tired of a man treating you like shit so you become a lesbian. Our sensible scientist bitches are still studying why a bitch would do this to herself knowing that she will eventually need good dick. Hopefully, you haven’t experienced this because if you have YOU ARE A DUMB BITCH.

Most females have or eventually will go through a DBD stage. To avoid becoming a victim of DBD, study the niqqas you mess wit. Let em kno from the start you are not a jump-off. Think of it like this, a man is only as good as you let him be. If you let him treat you like a dog, YOU ARE HIS BITCH


pleaaase sit your bathroom posing ass down! how you a super model with your super ghetto photoshoot? got your 6 month old alopecia looking baby crying in the background, you using ur mobile phone,your fat ass sitting on the sink looking like a washed up beach whale and your cousin in the corner flashing a mini torch at you…Ontop of that your hair look like its been resisting your comb and fighting your straightners and your face look like you tryna mean mug and smile at the same time.. Thats not super model material at all! thats just a super mess.

NOW if you was pretty you might have gotten away with it! imma ugly motherf*cker so i would have gone to a REAL studio and get airbrushed like a graffiti wall..but you didnt now you on twitter looking basic as fudge and everyone laughing at you!

the killer truth: modelling is more than a picture..stay in school kid

Blingee :

iHate People Who Use This Photo Editing Website With A Passion.
Truthfully, WHY ARE YOU LEGALLY GROWN WITH GLITTERY KISSES ON YOUR PICTURE.? And Its Mostly Doo Doo Mama`s That Need To Use Any Big Glittery Character To Cover Up Their Faces, Or Them Ugly Niggas Talkin About How Sexy They Are. Like There Really Shouldnt Be Sparkles All Over Your Picture, Even If Its A Bathroom Shot. If You Gonna Photo Edit, Use PhotoShop Or Paintshop, Not A Website Used By 13 Year Old Girls. SMH

Once there was a BLIND girl. Everyone HATED her Except her Boyfriend. She’d ALWAYS say to him,”If I was able to see, I would Married You.” ..One day All of a sudden, some one donated the eyes to the girl. She opened her eyes JUST to find that her BF was ALSO BLIND! The Boy then asked her,”Will You Marry Me Now?” ..The girl REJECTED!..The Boy just turned, began to walk away,& said in a low voice,”PLEASE Take Care of My Eyes.”

I hate when people sit around and act like they are the sickest people in the world, like seriously your not. There are people who are really sick, like people with cancer and sh*t, and your sitting there like your going to die. Get the hell up! Your fine. Your acting worse then me, when I have craps. But i still act better than you are right now. Go take a pill.
Do you see your mom lazying about because she don’t feel well, no she gets up and cooks for your ass, then she go back to lying down and feeling bad. If you feel so bad, GO to the hospital and stay there too.
Plus you want to order me around like I have nothing better to do, then to wait till you call me for every little thing like “ohh get me some water” no you do it. “get me some tissue” no hoe get up. You just so lucky i can be soo nice and not tell you how i really feel. But you are getting on my nerves with this shit.
Get better soon, before i really make your ass sick! You are really starting to piss me off, you baby!

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