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18 Responses to "Questions & Contact"

ok so i really love this boy. but we have broken up for three weeks over sumthin dumb as fuck.. he heard i did sumthin with one of his friends & i didnt!! & now every time i see him he acts like he doesnt see me, or wants to talk to me, and hes always doin dumb shit like talkin to other girls flirtin in front of me tryna make me jealous.. what do i do? because i really want him back? should i let it go or what? i cant get over him…?

Briana, girl I know how you feel but dudes be on some female shit sometimes, trippin hard ova nothin. Don’t sweat him girl, he flirtin and tryna cause all that unnecessary drama JUST TO MAKE YOU JEALOUS! Chances are, he don’t give a shit bout them broads, he just want you to hurt like he hurtin. Just beat him at his own game. Now don’t go and flirt or sleep with everyone in humanity, but just fall back. I’m sure you’ve called him cryin several times asking what the fuck his problem is, but just let him be. Let him seek you. Eventually, he’ll find out the truth and know he was in the wrong. Just fall back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matta who you are or how long you’ve been in a relationship/ marriage, this is always gonna be a game of cat and mouse. Girl me and my man have had out share of more serious problems, but instead of callin him hysterical apologizing and shit, I just let him find me, which he did. And that’s love right there. I know it seems like your world is ova and you can’t breathe without him, but just try to relax and let everything fall back into place on its own. If it doesn’t boo, everything happens for a reason and maybe God has someone really special for you, that isn’t gonna trip ova he-say she-say drama. Take care babes!

You need to WALK AWAY!!!! And know that it’s gonna be haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!! And it’s gonna hurt like hell! You’ll cry and ask yourself ova and ova “why”, but, know this.. It will pass..TRUST! I don’t doubt what you feel for him, just b/c you’re young, doesn’t mean you’re not human. All of us females have had those feelings, at some point in our life, but you must think with your head and not your heart

From (ushouldbemyne)

did you call yourself a female?

just let me hit that.. youll feel allot

he must not love u enough if he listenin to his friends over u trust is everything in a relationship and ihf u dnt have trust then u aint got nuthin


so i was dating this boy for a year and a half. we are broken up now cause he said that he was late on some stuff. idk what that means but he still calls me and tells me that he loves me and asks me to spend the night at his house. He even takes me out every now and then. he told me just a few weeks ago that he wants to back with me but he doesnt know how to tell me. he even tells me that ima always be more than a friend and that he loves me for that.What should i do? i wanna be with him cause we been through alot but he broke my heart?

if u love him that much take him back but before you do make sho u get a full complete understandin of why he broke up with u in the first place…


16?!?!?! (Is this girl serious?) I really hope not! You are still a baby! Live ya life babes and fuck marriage for now! Three months aint shit, it takes a while and I mean a WHILE to get to know someone! Girl I’m almost 24 and marriage is the last thing I’m worried about! Live ya life and have fun!

its complicatede

so all the guys @ my school & around my area pay little to NO atention to me & then when i go anywhere else, i get mad attention from guys. what’s up?


do u have a bad rep? lol

I’ve known this guy for like 2 years, everyone says he looks like Omarion Basically he is good looking and will attract ANY girl that walks in his path. From the beginin of July last year we started to get preety close seeing as he lived up the road from me . We hung out all summer around each others houses till late nights. He went on holiday for like two weeks and during that two weeks from the day he landed he rung me everyday, and told me how much he missed me, the feeling was mutual. so wen he cme bk we spent more time together and caught up on alot . We had been havin bodily contact ever since. when we are together things are good . We speak about evrything together, from who we saw or huggedo texted or flirted with. There is a big issue though we can’t TRUST eachother when we r apart or with frends seein as frends cover up for us evry now and then. I can say that we’ve been through alot, we argued like every two weeks then we’ll make up then something silli happens then we’ll fall out again. I find him to be sneaky anf untrustworthy seein as he’s always textin other girls and hidin his phone. couple weeks bk i attended a party, before i did i went to see him, i had made a promice that i wouldnt drink and flirt but i DID. The followin day he ignored me completely. The next day i was goin to see a male frend and i saw him cuddlin up to his EX.. we didnt speak at all through that day. he waited til during the end of the week to contact me where i wasnt in a mood but managed to have a go at him tellin him that i regret developin feelin for him etc.. he then told me i treated him and mede him look like a fool and was mockin his life. basicalli he was relating bk to the pictures he had saw of me and another frend. off huggin this other dude with my leg over him . i realli didnt think that i had done anithin wrong as he didnt make it seem that way til we had the confrontation that night. He sed to me that his EX “would neva had done something like that to humiliate him and that he was lookin to get bk with her.”he sed wenever i wanted to speak to cal him but i didnt see the point as wat he sed annoyed me. i also thought i was in the rong and that i needed to apologise. But am i rong to NOTT phone him ?? A frend got involved and decided that she gettin involved would make things better after i told her not to, she stil went ahed with it.. she made it out to him that i was desperate to havib him bk in my life after wat was sed about his EX.. this made him speak of me in a way which i didnt like sayin i wasnt ready for a relationship and that i was a flirt who made him look like and idiot. The picture wasnt even that bad i only hugged the dude.. AM i in the rong or isit the guy?? This made me text him to let him noe that i wasnt desperate for anithin to go bk to normal with him and myself. i think this made him feel a way for him to reply to ma frend that he didnt care about me no more.. What do i do as i stil wanna be frends but hes not bothered with me at all in anyway.. ??… And i forgot to mention he had a girlfrend when i messed with him at first but then he told me he dumped her wat am i suppose to think .?? i still feel as though he was seein her.. was he takin me for a ride/ or in other words usin me ???

Hi doll, lemme just keep it short and sweet. If there aint trust, there is not point of bein together. Believe me. That is all.

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