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is it just me or do it seem like yu be gettin them retarded ol “send this to the ppl yu love; hope i get one back!” messages way too often? like damn. yu my girl/dude & all but really?! stop sendin me that b.s. ! some ppl dont got unlimited text. or yu open a facebook message all happy like: damn they finally wrote back! only to see its one of em annoying sh*ts again. so basically there’s 3 kinds of messages that rlly be gettin to me.

1: scary.
these piss me off the most. yu open it & read “haha muf*ka yu opened it so yu gotta keep reading! or yu’ll die” tf? but yu go on and theres always the lil story talkin bout so-and-so gone come find & murder yu if yu dont send to 200 ppl. and yu be like naw thats fake. but theres always that little doubt in yo mind like damn wut if that was real? trust me, none of that is real.

2: love.
these make us kinda guilty. always saying “if im yo real homie yu’ll send it back!” or “send to all ppl yu care bout including me if yu care bout me” & the first few times yu be like damn i aint tryna hurt they feelings, ima do it. but then it jus gets annoying af. how many times i gotta prove that sh*t?! yu shud know by now! can we say IGNORE?

3: make a wish.
if this aint the fakest sh*t idk wut is. talkin bout: “think yer crush’s name rlly hard, scroll thru the row of lil stars, find the ‘n’ in between all the ‘m’s & when yu do wish for sumthin! it will rlly happen! but yu have to send to everyone yu know or else yu’ll have 500 years of bad luck!” and theres always the lil “proof” stories. b*tch pls. the whole sh*ts faker than tila tequila. & girl yu are ugly. lil homeboy aint gone fall in love wit yu even if yu send that to everybody and they momma.
my advice: ignore it all! aint worth your time. unless yu enjoy this crap. in which case im prayin for yu smh.


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Fat Or Thick

With all respect, I have no problem with big people. Its the extra big girls that like to call themselves “thick” that I have a problem with.
Extra big girl, its not called thick. Its either fat, or big, depending on which term you prefer.
You are not considered thick if…

1.That size 20 is snugging on your thighs and its hard to breath when you sit down.
2. You’re as big as precious and cannot conduct a light jog.
3. You’re trying to take a pic on your iPhone and have to pull the phone back behind you to get yourself in the pic.
4.You see people pushing the button to close the elevator doors to not let you on.

You are not thick extra big girls and if you have a problem with this statement, call Jenny Craig

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Type of Guy

Well ladies check it out!!

We all want a good guy don’t we? I knew you would agree..So let’s check out the stats of the guys in the world each and every one has to be one of them!

So let’s start with…

# 1: Our fine guy, Well yea we love a fine guy but we don’t want him too fine because then something is wrong with him…He is either a player,an arrogant asshole,A dumbass,gat,retarded or my all time favorite a WHORE!(Yes,Yes we have all came into contact with one of them)

We have it understood that we don’t want a Fine guy cause he ain’t for you..He gets everything that he could’ve ever dreamed of women wise anyways..He can get any women that he wants..Including the pussy that goes with it and more..He will cheat cause he knows he is always gonna have a woman and all the pussy that he could ever have..It’s like he doesn’t have a heart he doesn’t give a damn if he’s hurting you or if you threatening to break up with him because he knows that he can always get another girl..And that brings out the dog in him..He is going to start being bold about it..And that tells you that you don’t need him.Why get a guy that’s going to take you through bullshit just because he can..Not! that brings us to out next guy on our stats’

#2 Our average guy, Well our average guy is basically the guy for you.He is everything that you are looking for…He’s cute,smart,intelligent,swagga is right,great sense of humor,and he has class…He also has a bright future! So sounds good huh?Yea I know that’s your guy..Now you don’t have to worry to quick about him cheating because he’s a good guy..Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t say he wasn’t going to get approached because he is cute and just like you find him cute other women do too…So since you trust him he is going to turn the female down and tell her that he has a women because he is not like the fine guy.. He actually cares about your feelings and wants you to be happy..He’s is also the marrying/settle down type of guy unlike our fine guy..He’s your dream guy..Some like a prince charming! Now to our third stat guy

#3 Our ugly guy, Well there is a mix with him..We know that our ugly guy is always very sweet,And just like our fine guy we have some gay guys,dumb guys,And they try to sometime be whores but that very rarely happens because first of all you have to get one girl in order to cheat and you have a world of trouble doing that..Because what chick in her right mind wants a guy that they can’t be seen in public with?Don’t worry i’ll wait…lolExactly not one!Hell you going to want to go somewhere with your guy right?I thought so!

And oh yes don’t let me forget ugly guys are usually lames and just ain’t on your level at all…And you feel sorry for him and give him a chance since no one else wants you fix him up put him up somewhat close to your level and he starts to feeling himself since he’s lookin just alil bit like an average guy…He wants to feel like he can be a dog..Nigga please where in the fuck do they do that at??Not here nigga you better stay on your level just because you looking DECENT don’t mean you get stupid…You better get it understood!! So that also tells us that a ugly guy is most definitely off limits cause he won’t know how to act if a female step his game up just alil…Now he’s sweet to begin with because he is happy that a female of any kind is showing him any kind of attention at all…Shid his ass cant breath if she stands close to him that her breast touchs his chest he wants to pass out,But to get back on subject;he gonna act like alittle puppy dog and do whatever you say cause he loves that attention and he wants you to stick around..But the minute you start trying to get him up to your standards his whole demeanor changes..And that shit we ain’t even fina have at all..So to save yourself the trouble just don’t go for him…At all!

So to sum it all up we are going for #2 our average guy he will take you though less hell than the others! He is the one that is going to put a ring on your finger..Sound oh so good I know right!!

By – Mz.DrIkhAh MaC

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What are your views on people who lie about their race?

Stop Lying About Your Race !

Dont you hate when as soon as someone brings up a biracial subject  the nappiest bitch in the room wanna be like “im half indian” BITCH now you know you be buying that lets jam from sallys to form them waves . I dont care if ya great great grandpappy was half indian , that dont mean you are ! Bitch that blood has been lost in yo generation . If both of your parents are black then YOU ARE AS WELL . You fuckin Hypocrite ! Wanna be the first one talkin bout some white people be actin black.  All im sayin is , if ya got a nap , Ya know ya black !

By –Asia

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What are your views on people who lie about their race?

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