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hahahahaha @ him smelling his finger

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Ok so i really love this boy. but we have broken up for three weeks over somthing dumb as fuck.. he heard i did sumthin with one of his friends & i didnt!! & now every time i see him he acts like he doesn’t see me, or wants to talk to me, and hes always doin dumb shit like talkin to other girls flirtin in front of me tryna make me jealous.. what do i do? because i really want him back? should i let it go or what? i cant get over him…?
-Submitted by briana jones


You need to WALK AWAY!!!! And know that it’s gonna be haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!! And it’s gonna hurt like hell! You’ll cry and ask yourself ova and ova “why”, but, know this.. It will pass..TRUST! I don’t doubt what you feel for him, just b/c you’re young, doesn’t mean you’re not human. All of us females have had those feelings, at some point in our life, but you must think with your head and not your heart

-By Kandyman @ieattheepussy

READER Answer:

Briana, girl I know how you feel but dudes be on some female shit sometimes, trippin hard ova nothin. Don’t sweat him girl, he flirtin and tryna cause all that unnecessary drama JUST TO MAKE YOU JEALOUS! Chances are, he don’t give a shit bout them broads, he just want you to hurt like he hurtin. Just beat him at his own game. Now don’t go and flirt or sleep with everyone in humanity, but just fall back. I’m sure you’ve called him cryin several times asking what the fuck his problem is, but just let him be. Let him seek you. Eventually, he’ll find out the truth and know he was in the wrong. Just fall back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matta who you are or how long you’ve been in a relationship/ marriage, this is always gonna be a game of cat and mouse. Girl me and my man have had out share of more serious problems, but instead of callin him hysterical apologizing and shit, I just let him find me, which he did. And that’s love right there. I know it seems like your world is ova and you can’t breathe without him, but just try to relax and let everything fall back into place on its own. If it doesn’t boo, everything happens for a reason and maybe God has someone really special for you, that isn’t gonna trip ova he-say she-say drama. Take care babes!

– By E


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The Question:

I have been seeing this girl for 1-2 months now and I have gotten her completely topless and have fingered her and gave her her first orgasm. she is inexperienced and has never done anything with anyone else. when we makeout she does nothing, im the one kissing her body, etc. how should i go about getting her to not be so timid and give me head on valentines day.

My Answer:

First off non-head giving girls (NHGG) just piss me off!!!!!I wish there was an app for this on my iPhone™ >:o Notice all the girls that don’t give head are lonely n sad & the ones that do are wifed n happy.anyway she sound like a virgin or maybe SHE’S JUST NOT INTO U & she using u for something else. The only suggestions I can think of is maybe that new date rape pill lol. try sending clips of niggas getting sucked off to her email anonymously. then the next time u see her check her phone, if the vids not deleted then that mean she don’t got a prob wit it . (THIS IS YOUR CUE TO ASK FOR HEAD) if the vids are deleted your pretty much assed out lol. have u even tried asking her straight up ?? if not u should do it now that way u won’t be dissapointed come vday lol. if u try n thug it out n ask vday night n she rolls over n goes to sleep u gotta dump the nerdy bitch & find u a jumpoff to spend the holiday with. All girls who don’t give head should stab theirself with dull #2 pencils.

-By @HIM @dunkonyograndma

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