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Ok yall I was browing blog sites on google and stumbled across another question that i had to answer man maybe some of y’all can relate check this =]


Not too long ago I was in love with this girl. We were together for quite some time; I loved and respected her more than any boyfriend before and since me. I respected that she didn’t want to have sex and I trusted her to the greatest extent. I did everything possible to make her happy. One day she went to a party without me. She went with a couple of friends that we had in common so I had no objections with her going. While she was at the party, she had sex with her ex-boyfriend… — in front of 8 people on a couch! This happened about 2 months ago and I’m still not over her. I see her everyday at school and it absolutely tears me up inside at the mere thought of her. So, you can imagine how I feel when I see her. I’ve tried to get over her by going out partying and having sex with a few of her friends. But nothing is making me feel better! The guy that she cheated on me with is ugly and he uses her for sex. She is in love with him and still has sex with him. He doesn’t even like her, talks shit about her, and spreads personal pictures of her. I’ve beat his ass every time I seen him but I still feel fraked up inside. How can I get over the one that I love? I can never take her back, but I can’t stop thinking about her.

smh bro lol i was gone say i don’t know what to tell u untill u said u fuck em up everytime lmao..thats funny ha and he ugly ? lmao..but man imma tel u what went wrong in this relationship man smh..YOUR A PUSSY ASS BOYFRIEND.. u gotta change yo ways cuhz most bitches aint shit..u prolly tried 2 wife a hoe..smh never works! cuhz u know hoes dont like dudes trynna cuff em nd be all sweet..hoes like dudes who dont care..u made a mistake wen u respected her sayin yall dont got to have sex? like nigga wtf..yo dumbass deserved 2 be cheated on lol..but remember THE DICK is the best way to a woman’s heart..cuhz it brainwashes them for a long time bein sweet nd the perfect boyfriend nd all tht gets you there to but it washes away after a while..most girls will take sum good dick over a sweet boyfriend who doesnt even wanna fuck lol..nd u also asked how to get over her? the best way isnt revenge just keep fuckn that other nigga up everyday lol nd dont stop..nd u said u cant stop thinking of her? aight well come thru to my house so i can SOCK THE SHIT OUT YOU nd maybe thatl get her out yo head but yea all my viewers yall got a better answer to this? then write me a comment =]

By – Damone @skate4hxxkers

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