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Just wondering what’s the big deal about NOT wearing them… Now I don’t expect lil wayne or octamom to pay attention to this.. but why can’t muthafuckas put on a condom?? “oh it feels better without it” .. half these hoes got loose pussy anyway.. pussy so loose u can hear it echo off the walls.. how much better could it feel? No glove no love, and if willing to take a risk u gotta be ready for the outcome.. so basically unless she can’t reproduce and/or unless u got that Magic Johnson aids kit: wrap it up!! bullies aren’t bulletproof

By- Khalil @Dunkonyograndma

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What are your views on people who don’t wear condoms?


Doggy-Style-Not Doing it Right

Ahhhhh the doggy style position. One of the best sex positions of all time. Anytime a mutha f*cka gets asked “What’s your favorite position?”, nine times out of ten the answer will be “DoggyStyle”. It’s a doggie-style world, but how the f*ck you going to say its your fave position and not do it right? Your b*tch over there mad because your d*ck keep falling out . Now she nick names you Slip-N-Slide. You weak puppy.  How the f*ck your pet kitten over there f*cking doggy style better then you? A cat my brotha… a f*cking cat? Whose ever seen them sh*ts f*cking? But your cat f*cking doggy style with a smile right in front of you. All them porno’s you watch and you still haven’t mastered the doggy style? You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Stupid puppy. You gotta make sure you gotta stable place to lay the b*tch face down ass up. Make sure the b*tch is on all FOURS. You haven’t mastered it enough to be hitting it doggy style any other way you bow-legged b*tch. Getting cramps in your legs trying to be cool. Simmer it down puppy. You”re deceiving yourself puppy.  Slow down. Stop tryna rush into the golden position. Its your favorite so why would you do it first? Work your way up to it , and I hope when you finally get to it , the b*tch you’re hitting from the back has some ass. How you going to fuck a b*tch doggy style with no ass. Her boney ass ( pun attended)  is stabbing you in your kidneys playa. Oh my bad , you weird ass probably like that sh*t . F*ck a skinny b*tch . Doggy style is her worst enemy. Your d*ck could be 1CM on your hardest day and her knees would still buckle f*cking around in the doggy position. It’s just not for everyone . Shout outs to the master’s of it though.

Moral of the story: “When done right , the doggy style will always make the kitty smile”
-By Kandyman @iEatTheePussy

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Giving And Receiving Head

Alright, time to go in on these confused ass bitches that don’t suck dick but expect us to eat they coochie. Bitch, are you dumb or stupid? What the fuck am I gonna get out of just eatin your coochie for free, do I win a car? Or some type of certificate ? Naw, I don’t get shit but wet ass skin in my mouth and a few hairs. And no nut bust! And girl, don’t get me wrong, your shit isn’t tasty either, it doesn’t taste like candy. Your probably gonna say “yours doesn’t either”. Well then you should put a JollyRancher in your mouth before you suck my dick. Im jus sayin. I eat your coochie, don’t get my dick sucked or fuck, that’s an ass whoopin in my hood. I eat your coochie, you suck my dick, its a win win for both of us. You get your pleasure for the night and so do I. So BITCH just please, act like my Cum is your Pride and swallow it one time. 🙂

By -Julian (Rangers) @TheRealJuliann

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Random Sex Topic

-Reader Submitted

Okay Fellas, Imma start with y’all okay because ladies is a whole different subject. Guys, y’all need to learn a thing or two about sex okay cause from thee shit i be hearing,reading,and watchin just don’t make no got damn sense ! I mean is that hard (no point intended) y’all sit around thinking about food the fuckin game and SEX but when it comes time to throw down y’all fuckin SUCK !(still no point intended) C’mon son REALLY ! yo ass damn near bout to break ya fuckin back thinking you doing something while ya girl just laying there trying  not to fall asleep on yo ditsy ass over their sweating and shit talking bout WHO YO DADDY ! WHO PUSSY THIS IS ! WHATS MY NAME ! well damn I didn’t know this was twenty-one fuckin questions instead of tryna figure out ya damn name is why don’t you try to learn how to fuck right . t ya bitch waiting on ya ass to leave so she can bust out them damn batteries and fuck ha self right.Then y’all try to pull thee dumb ass move by takin Viagra o.O fuckin dumbass you popping fuckin pills to please ya bitch and shit damn near bout to pop ya damn eye out ing last more than a fuckin second and then yo ass still is fuckin knocked ! only lasted one fuckin minute thinking you just gave thee best sex ever running to yo friends talkin about i broke that bitch back last night when she with ha friends talkin bout that nigga bust a fuckin nut in 1 fuckin minute then falls asleep thinking he accomplished something smh ! Now For the ladies really girls its time that thee faking shit _Yea_No that gotta stop guys are starting to figure you outt ! Just sit they asses down and tell em ThatYou Need To Learn Some New Shit ! Also Thee Most Important Part there are some girls who vagina is wide as FUCK now it you can fit your man’s head and both arms in your Pussy you my friend Need to get that checked .i mean how thee fuck do you even allow your pussy to get like that know wonder yo ass can’t keep a fuckin man cause every time he go to fuck yo ass both of yall can’t even feel it . I don’t like thee sound of anal nor how it looks in porn but you let your pussy get wide ass fuck so i guess thee only way to fuck is anal or oral unless you want to get kegal .cause if your vagina lips don’t even close no more and thee inside is now hanging down yea you my friend are STRETCHED !


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Okay guys…at this moment you may be feeling like she’s possibly the one for you. Don’t let these emotions fog the killer fact that she may be a Whore. If you have a few considerable doubts, you may want to read Carefully!
-Signs of a Whore :
1. You met her at the club doing the “Freak” on your homie’s crotch to “Suited and Booted” .
2. After four days of dating she was riding your d*ck like Sea-Biscuit (no saddle) .
3. You looked in her top drawer and found 134 condoms (both new and used) , a thong with the front cut out, a prescription for Vagisil, and 32 empty KY jelly bottles.
4. The first time she gave you head, she filled her mouth up with relish and damn near sucked your d*ck off.
5. Her Twitter bio says “Looking for the next biggest Penis, Jk. . or not ;-)”
6. She received a random text at 3am from Earl, “Damn baby, you made my toes curl when you did that thing with your Left nipple”.
7. Last but not least, she was juggling your balls, performing 360 degree spins on the d*ck at 22mph, and making pot roast? oh yes guys, it seemed cool at the time but she would have had to sex PLENTY of dudes to execute a stunt like that -__- .
If one, two, or ALL of these scenarios apply to the girl you think is the one. . RUNNN ! That b*tch probably got the H1N1 by now . I’m just sayin’ .

By– Jinger Jade aka @Purple b bad


Pull Backs

I know I would be one mad man if I had an uncircumcised d*ck. No girl wants to f*ck a dude who has to pull back skin to pee. Penis looking like its wearing a turtle neck & sh*t. But no, no its not your fault “pull back paul” blame mommy and daddy. They couldn’t throw in that extra 200 to have that extra skin snipped, and now your now you’re NOT normal. You are a mutant. I know I couldn’t wake up every morning and look at that sh*t… how bout you? Over there giving b*tches bacterial diseases and sh*t.

Moral of the story: “I would drop a stack not to have a pull back -By Kandyman @iEatTheePussy

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Bedroom Bragging

Men, there is more to sex than pumping five times and falling asleep. How do u brag about how big your dick is but you don’t know how to use it? That’s like a 7ft man who can’t play basketball you’re a waste of great equipment. How do you cheat more than twenty times and you still can’t fuck correctly? A man who brags about his sex game is not worth your time because he is more than likely lying. Now a quiet dude who never talks about it that’s the one u need to try and get with, I bet he can fuck u so good you’ll be doing back flips and break dancing. People think women who gets a mans name tattooed are crazy they’re not crazy they just had some good dick.

-By @meeeaaa


Names for Sex Songs

-Reader Submitted

After Plies introduced the world to “Becky”, in relation to oral sex; I often wonder.. WHAT NAME FOR SEX WILL WE HEAR NEXT? Considering that Becky is probably a chick whom he [Plies] experienced great “head” from, so he just had to make a song in honor of BECKY. But couldn’t BECKY be replaced with another name? When I hear BECKY; I think redneck, trailer-trash, DOUBLE-STUFFED, Precious-like bitch. I mean, was Brandy not a valid option? (but not in terms of Moesha Brandy, although she does have some DSL’s) Who know’s what we’ll hear next. To make a long discussion short; if there’s ever a name for anal sex & the name is WENDY (How you doing?) we already know what’s going on in this scene. Whether you’re the pitcher or the catcher, a homerun with that term is not SAFE!! *ouch* –


On that anal thing, I meant to emphasize to where ppl don’t think in terms of exactly like “Becky” because of course the songs says “Gimme dat Becky” so on that note it would sound mad gay lol.. but that’s not how I meant it. Just in case for the suspicion…

-By Pals  @SlapK


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