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Okay, look here b*tches this is a NEW  blog site . Posts are based on our opinions and thoughts that you may or may not relate to. Spreading “the killer truth” on situations that occur in this funny ass world.Also  giving you our comments/views  on the stories/videos that you might see on, & and other blog sites. Giving readers the game …no charge. We might be random but lifes random so deal with it. =]

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Kandyman- @TheKillerTruth <- FOLLOW KANDYMAN ON TWITTER

How y’all  doing hmmmmm? Who cares really.Probably thinking “Then why’d you ask?”  Answer’s, because that’s what everyone does. Ask how they are doing not giving a damn what the answers going to be. Anyways, my real name is Matthew Ade. “What the f**ck is an Ade”. B*tch im Nigerian. Where you think the smooth chocolate  skins comes from? I’m20 years old , born and raised in the mean streets on LA . I’m not about to tell y’all about the past because its just that …the past. So what am i doing now with my life you ask? I’m jack off all trades. I’m an industry  graphic designer. Have been doing it for about a year. HERE is some of my work. I’m an event promoter. Throwing most of the all ages/18+ events in Los Angeles. I dance. Yes b*tch I dance. “Ladies” need a lap dance? You already know who to hit up. I have some skill in recording tracks singing/rapping. Done all for fun. Last but not least I am  blogger. As you can see i like to speak my mind through my fingers. So that’s it now you know a lil’ somethin’ , somethin’.


Now, this is the story….all about how….. My life got flipped-turned upside down…..

& I’d like to take a min so jus sit right & there. & I’ll tell u how I became the Prince of a town called the Net =]

So here’s the deal kids!!! You’ve probably seen commercials & sh*t about how you can make money on the

internet and never leave your house and blah blah bla .. you prolly ignored that sh*t  … well I DIDNT ….I heard

make money on a muhf**kin computer & got on it. Wakin up early in the morning crazy hours (9-5) for a check wasnt for me. So this is what i did .

Got up on these poppin ass social networkin sites everyone loved to be on  . Started from Myspace ( ) …..back  when it was LIVE. ,when

muhf**kas would skip homework, pass up on outdoor activities and ect ect . to chat with they friends online.

To some people (includin myself) it was like a popularity site . The more friends people see you have the more

others would want to be friends with you. I naturally did things that showed my personality to gain friends by

the HUNDREDS.. write stories,tell jokes, make dancing youtube videos etc. SHIT THAT WOULD GET PEOPLES


Call me attention whore but lets be real. Who doesnt like attention? Even the quite muhf**kas be gettin

attention … You know when people would talk to them n be like “why you so quite, why you so mad , why

you cryin ect” . But anyways thats how i started becoming popular though the myspace (the internet). I mean

ofcourse iwas a popular n*cca at school but that could only get so far. THE internet is WORLD WIDE. I became what i call a web celeb! People be hatin like this nicca kandyman think he tight  he think he a celeb…..but  the fact ur sayin that u know  what  im thinkin is HILARIOUS. You will never hear me  be on some super duper cocky shit…..i let  others just do it for me =] You dont have to be on television to be a damn celeb! but ne wayz

The thousands of “friends” i gained with myspace led me into making money throwing parties. I would post a

party in a bulletin then hundreds of people would show up. Did that every f**kin weekn, get it poppin in the

city of LA. SEE how that works? All that time spent on myspace gainin friends built my network and persona

and turrned it into CASH. Hope your takin notes? Okay where was I?… Olrtye makin money throwin parties….

I studied everything to deal with parties and promotions and thought of a way to cut expenses…. This led me

to starting graphic designing! Making my own party flyers / graphics to blast all over the net.  I would sit on the

computer and youtube tutorials on how to do this and how to do that. Got my graphics poppin enough to

design my own flyers/ myspace pages and sh*t making my self look 10x more poppin then i really was &  thats the

killerTRuth !  People outside of LA started hitin me up like who are you … are you a rapper blah blah blah .. I

started charging people to design myspace pages … flyers , logos ,  photo retouches for models and rappers

which also built me network becuase i was doin work for  rappers in the industry all of that .. which got me to

meet them and hit their studio sessions…. MAkin eassy gwap !!!

I was still in my last semester of Highschool in

07 makin over a 300+ a day easy.. i lived with my parents and had no expences so I was just spulrgin at malls

and stores buyin crazy shit .. My dad didnt know that i was makin that much money so he thought i was

stealing (ive been to jail for stealin before … havent stole a dime since then but thats another story..) so this is

how it is so far . Myspace , built friends to 50,000, started throwing parties  then went to graphic designing.

So myspace completly died a couple months ago for non music artist/ models so i looked for the next social

networkin site to get poppin.. FOUND Facebook/ TWITTER =]
Promoted myself  .. hit up all the emails ive collected throwin parties, and told people to follow me on twitter..

got to like 200 followers.. i was like wtf 200 thats it !!!  I googled how to gain followers on twitter..Read an

article on things u shuld do and not to do gain and keep followers .. Top of the list was Be entertaiing .. im like

whoop whooop b*tch thas easy…. I tweeted my jokes and went in on barbies and killed the barbie trend! hahaha Shit blew up and i was

gettin like 10 new followers a Day … Im like damn this is EASY ….i got this … So everyday i would hop on twitter tell jokes…. then i noticed what we call trending topics ….Fabolous was the first person ive seen to start

one…. Then my black ass hoped on real fast! Went in my first ever topic that went str8 to number 1

#NEVERTRUST … word spread that iwas the one who started it so then the followers started rolling in ….. from

10 a day to 50 to 100”s . So i thought All these damn followers had to turn into money just like how all my thousands of

frreinds turned into money on myspace. So once again all i did was google .. how to make money on twitter.. saw a

buncha of sh*t but i f**ked with  ( ) .. Which pays u to post links on your twitter page…. Just like how business pay tv networks to show thier commercials…. thats how websites make money .. a never ending circle of advertisments. So im already doin atleast 6-15 designs a week  i charge from $60-$80 which i can all get done in two days …. THrowin the hottest parties in la with my partners … on thurs fridays an sat. makin $0-$600 a night. (so you do the math on how much money i make a week)  Making all this money siting on my BED eating #nshit !!! Networkin and sendin messages.
I have funnnnnnn being on these sites telling jokes starting games … then goin out on the weekends to see hundreds of people at my events. A good way to show my face to the people who think  be  at home all day! Im def not lke those wierdos u meet in person that are totally different from how they seem on the net. Im the Life of my own event …dancin up and down the club…… and my 6’3 ass can dance.! BELIEEVE THAT B*TCH haha
I love my life and thank god for blessing me with thnx for readin

Don’t have to respect my MIND but you have no choice to respect my GRIND

-Damone @Skate4hxxkers

Whats the deal ? This ya fave blogger @skate4hxxkers. Also known as Damone im 21 born in lame ass Riverside i speak the truth i say what i want when i want and to who i want..dont like it ? Eat a cookie I blog about personal experiences so most yall can relate im cool as f*ck so i laugh @ haters but yall make me im not the enemy so why hate ? I own my own clothing line Guilty Ave Clothing and yea enjoy

-HIM- @DunkOnYoGrandma

W@TzZ upP w1T 1t ?? jp sup sup everyone knows me as something different so just call me that lightskin boy. im 20 yea… deuces.

-Lan- @Yellow Nigro

Im Lan Nguyen AKA Yellow Nigro. A name given not self proclaimed. Born and raised in East San Diego, an area known for Neighborhood Crips. A city known for beef between Bloods. I steered myself from that lifestyle to do better. I run my own event and promotion group called Yellow One Productions. I’ve brought out artist in the likes of Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, New Boyz, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa & the list goes on. Visit our site I am also the host for an online radio called “Daygo Jerkin Hour” on M/W/F at 10pm PST 1am EST. Lastly, imma full time student @ SDSU. I’m studying to get into the film & television industry in hopes that one day you’ll see me in front of the camera. I’m laid back, outgoing but humble at the same time. I keep myself away from being a stereotype. I tend to same some real sh*t from time to time, people will agree & people won’t. If you wanna find out what usually say, follow me on twitter @YellowNigro

-Mars- @FlyMrWhite

-Jinger Jade@Purp_b_bad

My name is Jinger Jade, im 19 . A full-time student, part-time employee.. i Love making people laugh/ Giggle/ Cry/ Regret/ but most of all LAUGH! i Like to entertain, like mediocre Reality Shows or a Stripper. Read my blogs and die of laughter, or cry from Realizing The Killer Truth! I’ll give u a skittle if you like me, and throw it at your face if you dont ♥

Ant- @MaxxnCheese

Namess Anthony from Long beach, CA, I’m 6’5, green eyes, and nice teeth. They say I look like I’m related to 2pac and sound like Trey Songz on the phone. I enjoy long walks on the beach, gazing at the stars, tic tac toe, wordpuzzles and watching lifetime movies with a cup of tea. Chirp me 🙂 Nahh jp lmao I’m Anthony for thoes who don’t know my real name, bka Maxxdoutlb/Maxx or @MaxxnCheese. Ima laid back, quiet nigga with alot to say. I’m 1oo% original so don’t download my jokes -__-. Got a question feel free to ask , hmu

-Skribe- @THErealSKRIBE

Everyone knows me as “Skribe”. I’m first & foremost an artist, “Skribe” was my Graffiti name. I also rap and have competed in battles on Grindtime/WSHH. I’m currently the CEO of Chrome Saints Clothing. Holla at me.]

Mea Jay- @Meeeaaa

Hola, im Mea J. Dominican Republic born Los Angeles raised. I took my first breath 20 years ago. Im a full time student at the University of Southern California and I have a full time job, my life is hectic. Funny yet the most random person ever I can talk about eggs, Easter and elephants in the same sentence. Im the type of girl that will give u the ‘killer truth’ no sugar coating u will be mad but thank me for it later. The biggest misconception people have of me is thinking im conceited I promise im not talk to me I’ll talk back.

-AJ- @Aj904

-Reezy- @JustTweetRizzy

#WellDamn you shud already know who I am. Im 25 and live in Los Angeles.I say whatever GOD allows me to say, so if you got a problem wit it, go talk to him.I love to make people laugh that’s why im always TMAO[tweetin my ass off] and Blogging.I hope every time I make you laugh, you pee on yoself [LoL]
I also make beats so hit me up on

TK @oodlesNDnoodles

Yeh! Its @oodlesNDnoodles formerly known as @TK_DAGREAT, But my government is Tre’. You could catch me at ya local Wal-Mart trippin old ladies and Swag Surfing…Lmao Sykee!  On the real I love makin ppl laugh… If I can’t get a laugh out of u then u must not have vocal cords! So yeh BANG BANG SKEET SKEET!

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9 Responses to "Bio"

cute and handsome people keep doin ya thang son

WELL how can I blog for yall??

wana know something???? well i think that Damone and @dunkonyograndma are amazing because they follow me on twitter! =] =] =] i think the rest of yall should too. (@AmeishaFaith and check out my website lol its the shit =]=]=]

The Movement is Real..i would like 2 be on the truth team

Wow! So This Is How All The Funny Tweeps Kno Each Other On Twitter? *applause* Goood Job! (; I Didn’t Kno There Was a Female Down w/It 2! Th@s Wats Up! N Definitely Didn’t Think Mr. KandyMan Was 4rm Nigeria. That’s Wats Up! Sooo uhmmm…umMmm…I Wanna Be w/The Truth Team! Lol It Would Be Real Different 4 Me N Yall! TRUST!

I’m following you on Twitter & I must say, you’re tweets are funny and REAL AF! Also, I’m absolutely in love with this website. Had me laughing in the computer lab at school. Got people looking at my like I’m crazy. Keep doing what you do.

@maxxncheese …..that bio sounds desperate

You’re still way behind, white’s the new black.

didn’t they say “early april” wtf it’s basically may now. guess i won’t be back to this site ;p

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