Killer Blast Of The Day:@Pussysosweet

Posted on: January 27, 2010

@Pussysosweet On Blast

So who ever told females it was okay to send naked pics was a fool.. but i see now days females r taking it to a whole different level. i was on twitter and seen a chick pussy as her twitter avatar.. now at 1st i thought to myself this girl is on drugs. so i talked to her and asked her wtf was her problem? she said “its just what i wanted to do” so thats what i wanna do .. im going to blast that ass this female @pussysosweet had the nerve to post her stank ass dry ass pussy as her avatar. i think this is so unladylike .. i mean come on if u gonna post a pussy put a cute 1 at least ; but her shit is dry and it got razor bumps. it got dried up nut in it and shit like tf is yur problem? did she even shave that shit b4 posting it? she claims she 18.. i think she more like 15 doing dumb shit like that… if i ever caught my kids with they pussy all on the web u would c me on breaking news. i mean damn this just aint right,.. i threw up in my mouth looking at that shit ; somethings u just dont do.. i honestly think she got a yiest infection ! for now on anyone who does shit like this ima blast.. point blank period dont ever post a ashy ; dry ; nutted in ; yiest infected ; old ass  worn out pussy on your twitter ! or me Zee Williams will blast yur ass and that’s some Killer Truth for you !

-By Zee W @TheekiddZee

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4 Responses to "Killer Blast Of The Day:@Pussysosweet"

shawty is really dirty for real. im appalled.

that sh_t is foul .. smdh …

hahahaha. lmfao. i went on dat bitch page yesterday too. i was WOW, how desperate r u ? *retorical* and i DID throw up. lol.

Ahahaha zeeeeeeeeeeeee.! That was too gutsss. With your mia assss , imy cuzzoo.!

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